10 April 2020

Nautical photography | yachts photographer in Barcelona.

Professional interior photographer specialized in nautical photography. Professional photoshoots of yachts, sailboat and cruise in Barcelona costa Brava, Sitges and Balearic islands.

Photoshoots, video and drone of:

• yachts

• sailboats

• speedboats

• cruise

Nautical photography is a photographic specialty that requires specific knowledge and photographic equipment for boats, since taking photographs presents numerous difficulties: relatively narrow spaces, little light in the interiors and the continuous movement of the boat translate into very complicated spaces for photographed by non-specialized photographers. One of the fundamental pieces of photographic equipment for boats are ultra-angle lenses, which allow you to portray the spaces of a boat or yacht without distorting the geometry. Flash type lighting equipment allows you to illuminate the darkest spaces on a boat. By using drones, we can take aerial shots of boats and yachts on the high seas. With full availability to travel, I can carry out nautical reports in Barcelona, Catalonia or any other region of the world.