Photographic reproduction of artwork in Barcelona

Reproductions of  sculptures and paintings.

An important part of my activity as a professional photographer in Barcelona is dedicated to collaborating with artists, especially sculptors and painters, in order to reproduce their works for magazines, catalogs and exhibitions. Over the years I have collaborated with various local and international artists in Barcelona, Milan or Florence,  making reproductions of figurative and abstract art like paintings and sculptures. Each artistic discipline implies a different approach, since the pictorial surface needs a completely different treatment of sculpture. However, the basis of any reproduction of artwork is the connection with the artist: understanding the feelings and the intentions of which the work is embedded and transmitting and amplifying them to approach, through images, the experience of contemplation of the work of art.


guardianoSculpture photography.

I consider the reproduction of sculptures as a very important and stimulating part of my work, because the photographer of sculptures needs a good dose of creativity to interpret the artwork. It is not a matter of making a simple reproduction, but rather interpreting the three-dimensional creation through light and shadows, placing volumes and textures in relief to approach the artist’s primary idea. The work of photographing figurative sculptures is something that joins together the formal tradition of portraiture with still life, creating “living” objects. Light gives life to these three-dimensional objects and allows to truly understand the sculptural work in its complexity. As this photographic specialty is highly interpretive, a previous study of volumes, textures and materials is required, because every  work needs specific treatment in order to be represented in the best way. When I am making sculpture photography, first of all I seek to transmit the materiality of the work, the physical presence of the three-dimensional object, and make the power of the sculpture stand out for its unique artistic qualities.

reproducción de pintura en Barcelona

Painting repros.

Reproductions of paintings. An important part of my work as a professional photographer in Barcelona is the reproduction of painting and graphic work. The photographer that has to photograph painting and graphic work needs specific knowledge, as it is a very technical specialty, where the reproduction of color and detail is essential. This is accomplished in several phases: the first step is always a study of the color and surface of the paint. For me, texture is one more dimension of the pictorial surface, and I always consider any graphic work as three-dimensional. This first step will determine the type of lighting that will be used for the reproductions, which will reveal in a specific way the texture of the work. The next step is the correct color reproduction, in this case it is not about interpreting but adapting the best technique to faithfully reproduce colors and nuances of the painting. For this reason painting reproduction has  a very strict workflow:  there is no space for interpretations and variations, the pictorial work has to be faithfully reproduced.