21 January 2022

Hotel photographer in Barcelona

My name is Lorenzo Vecchia, and I am a professional interior photographer specialising in hotel and resort photography since the last 15 years. I create visual stories for hotels in Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava, approaching each project individually and offering tailor-made budgets. Request yours now.

Visual marketing is one of the fundamental aspects of a successful hospitality promotion strategy. Using high-quality photos to showcase the rooms and spaces of a hotel will give your business a strong brand image. Nowadays, the work of a hotel photographer goes beyond simply describing spaces; the key to current tourism marketing lies in appealing to emotions. Customers seek to live unique experiences. It’s no longer about selling a vacation package but rather about evoking different emotions with each journey, offering a real experience through quality images that highlight the comfort and unique features of the hotel. Whether it’s a hotel in Barcelona, an exclusive resort in Sitges, or a small family establishment on the Costa Brava, good photographs are essential for promoting activity on the Internet. In today’s digital age, where the audience has shifted online and platforms like Airbnb provide professional photography services, it’s more crucial than ever for the hotel industry to make an effort to promote a serious and competitive brand by collaborating with a professional hotel photographer. According to statistics, 80% of users seek information to make online reservations, 75% compare prices online on different platforms, and 60% make their reservations online. In this world of instant decisions, only an experienced professional can help promote an establishment with the right approach, appealing to the sensations conveyed by the images. These same photographs can be used across all digital media and travel catalogs, gaining significant traction on social platforms such as Instagram.

Some key points for a successful hotel photoshoot.

The strength of a hotel lies without any doubt in the service it can offer to its guests: the attention of staff, the restaurants, common areas, a pool, or a spa are often the reasons that sway a customer to choose a hotel over a tourist apartment. In this regard, now more than ever, the hotel industry needs to make a strong commitment to convey part of this experience through professional images. An experienced hotel photographer can convey a range of sensations through images, capturing both the spaces and the staff, as the hotel is made up of people working to complete this experience. Whether it’s a hotel in Barcelona or an exclusive resort on the coast, a professional photographer will always manage to capture the uniqueness of each establishment through just a few photographs.

In summary, the different components that make up a successful hotel photoshoot are:

  • Photographs of common spaces
  • Photographs of services: restaurant, spa
  • Rooms photography in different categories
  • Photography of dishes, cocktails, etc.
  • Images of the service, random moments, stories
  • Aerial images with a drone

In my complete portfolio, you can find a summary of over 15 years of work for clients such as Marriott, Kimpton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, SB Hotels, Marbella Club, and many others.

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