ARCHITECTURE / Pieve Dicomano

Architectural photoshoot commissioned by Ilenia Girolami Studio (Florence) for the restoration project of Dicomano’s Romanic Church.
The project aims to get to return to the complex historical identity that was lost in many places; solve the problems of the many accretions present to deface the area; consolidate the structures compromised. My job as an architectural photographer was to approach original architect’s idea, show the quality of the restoration, that have been realized using original materials, and highlight the the final result in compared with the old church images before restoration.
The architectural photo shoot was performed along the whole day to highlight the effect of the sun on in different moments, and a twilight shoot was performed in order to show external lighting project.

Equipment: Canon 5d MarkII, Hasselblad H2D

Client: Ilenia Girolami Architecture Studio.

Location: Florencia.

Year : 2014

Ilenia Girolami Studio (Florence)