Originally from Florence and based in Barcelona, my name is Lorenzo Vecchia and I’ve been professionally photographing architecture, interiors and still life for over ten years. In recent years, I’ve been commissioned to work with architects, interior designers, hotels, magazines and the luxury real estate market in both Spain and Italy. I also run some personal projects based on urban landscape and interiors.

A8406084 I was born in Florence in 1977. I moved to Barcelona in 2000, where I finalized my studies artistic photography in 2005 and I started working as a freelance photographer. Since the beginning I’ve been interested in architectural photography, because of its slow workflow and technical approach to the images. Natural light is extremely important and needs to be molded it in a way that meets both clients as well photographer aesthetic needs. 
As an architectural photographer, I usually shoot a lot of interior photography, which maintains certain own characteristics: it presents a more fragmented vision of space, where details and textures have an essential importance. Along the past ten years 
I’ve been photographing all kind of interiors, from massive luxury mansions to cozy urban hotels, and I discovered that every place has its special feeling and I try to communicate it in my personal way. Some assignments have straight and clear aesthetic needs, like when I’m working for an architect, while others have a predominantly commercial character: hotel photography needs to present comfortable, living spaces and I need to add more feelings and storytelling to my images, and in this cases I like to work with a stylist or a home staging company. In recent years I have also done commercial works as a still life photographer for furniture, accessories, food, sculptures and design objects.
Beside my professional commissions, my own personal work is about urban landscape and domestic interiors.


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